The Advantage Lending Process

Mortgage planning is the process of helping borrowers improve their lives through the proper use of various mortgage strategies. Although the internet is a great way to collect basic information, please don’t make possibly the biggest investment decision of your life without consulting a licensed mortgage professional. Everyone is unique and there are many factors that go into calculating your Home Loan Quote.

What to Expect

We are dedicated to making sure we give our clients the best experience as well as the best option for their home loan mortgage. Below is a brief outline of our process after your application is accepted and disclosures are signed:


  1. Contact your local mortgage Loan Officer or complete a secure online application.
  2. Your application is submitted for initial review. The findings will be recorded and the processor may request additional supporting information or documentation from the borrower.
  3. Once the additional documentation is received, your application will be submitted to Underwriting for second review. Your loan application will then be approved or denied. Your Loan Officer will make you aware of the outcome.
  4. Once your loan is ‘Clear to Close’ you are on the home stretch and ready to CLOSE on your home!


To ensure we perfectly align your mortgage specifically to your unique home buying needs, we securely collect the following documents after disclosures have been signed and the loan is in process:

  1. Paystubs (30 consecutive days)
  2. W-2s, 1099s & K1s (K1s are specific to self-employed clients)
  3. Tax Returns (past 2 years)
  4. Most recent asset & bank statements (2 consecutive months)
  5. Government Issued ID (valid & up to date)
  6. Signed copy of the Purchase Contract
  7. Copy of Canceled Earnest Money & Due Diligence check (this will be requested at a later time)



When you apply for a home loan, your finances are reviewed in their entirety to ensure you are eligible and a responsible credit/loan applicant.


Once approved:

  1. DO NOT make any extreme purchases or max out on any credit cards(i.e. furniture, boat, car, etc.).
  2. DO NOT open OR close any accounts (credit/savings/checking).
  3. DO NOT pay off any collections.
  4. DO NOT co-sign another loan of any kind.
  5. DO stay current on existing accounts.
  6. DO call your Loan Officer with any questions at any time!



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