Spring is a popular time for selling and buying.

To prepare for the season, homeowners need to start thinking about how they want their home to look to potential buyers. Knowing which parts of the home should shine  is just as important as the curb appeal and location. Outstanding  first impressions is important when vying for buyers.

Here are a few tips to start thinking about when you’re ready to put your home on the market.

  • Use trending styles and colors. It doesn’t cost much to add a few updated accessories that match the current trends, such as pillows, lamps and vases.
  • Do a little landscaping. Clean out any dying or dead plants and replace them with new ones.
  • Decorate the outdoors. Painting the front door or adding a small bench to make the home more welcoming. That first impression may be the one that moves your home to the top of a buyer’s list.
  • Maximize the positives.  A stunning fireplace can become the focal point for potential buyers by arranging the furniture around it.
  • Practice the three Ds. Declutter, depersonalize and detach. Start by organizing necessary items or throwing out unwanted clutter. Remove any personal collections or photos that might distract buyers.  Depersonalizing your home will help you detach.
  • Clean the closets. Remember that buyers will be inspecting every closet, cabinet and pantry. The less stuff  the larger they’ll appear.
  • Choose neutral colors and themes. Avoid designing a space to fit your tastes.