First Time Home Buyers in Raleigh are having a tough time competing due to the HUGE DEMAND for housing in Wake County.   The best strategy for home buyers is to do your homework in advance and be ready to make an offer that will stand out in the crowd.  Here are two great tips to help your offer stand out.

Get your loan approved rather than prequalified

In the local market there is no point in making an offer without a loan commitment letter.  The loan commitment letter states that a loan officer has reviewed your income, assets and credit report and you are prequalified for a home loan.  Very few people go the extra step of getting their loan APPROVED prior to making an offer.  The difference is an Underwriter has reviewed and sign off on your income, assets, and credit report.  Now the only items you need for the loan are home specific, the appraisal, title work and homeowners’ insurance.

Build your team before making an offer

Purchasing a home requires the assistance of several professionals, including Realtor, Loan Officer, Home Inspector, Attorney, and Insurance Agent.  Most home buyers start with the Loan Officer and Realtor but wait until after they have a contract to build the rest of their team.  Give yourself an edge by building your team before you make an offer so you can assure the seller you are prepared to close as quickly as possible.  With just a little forethought and planning you can have your personalized team ready from day one!  If you need referrals for great, LOCAL professionals call, text or email me anytime.

If you take a little time up front, your loan offer will stand out if you already have the loan approval and the team ready to close quickly.  If you need help building your team, call or text me at (919) 812-5063.